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Medical Health
Sexually Active? Here’s The STD Fact Sheet You Need
STDs can sometimes feel like the bogeyman—no one talks about them and they breed fear because no one knows if they have one lurking around. This infographic aims to shed some light on this little nuisance.
10 Things Every 20-Something-Year-Old Should Do With Their Money
Here are some recommended money moves that will help you establish healthy habits and reach your financial goals in your 20s and beyond.
Mental Health
3 Emotions Every 20-Something Feels Because of an Unplanned Pregnancy
Am I really ready to have a baby right now? Will I still be able to accomplish my personal and professional goals? What is a pleasant surprise for one woman may be a nightmare come true for another.
Spiritual Health
How Generational Curses Affect My Love Life
Generational curses affect all of us, and they can especially show up in our romantic relationships. Here's how we recommend breaking those strongholds over your life.
Medical Health
28 Healthy Foods That Won’t Mess Up Your Budget
Eating healthy can be tasty and inexpensive—there’s a host of healthy goods you can buy that keep both your wallet and your body healthy and happy.
You Might Be Pregnant, Here’s How To Tell For Sure
Are you having a rough menstrual cycle or is your fatigue and nausea a symptom of something else? Here are the signs you might actually be pregnant.

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