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Free Pregnancy and Parenting Support Available Through The Source’s New Virtual Care Center

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When was the last time you felt like something was created just for you?

When I was young, my mother sewed a lot of my clothes. I could tell she enjoyed the painstaking process of measuring my little body, cutting out patterns, and sewing on her Singer machine. She is a mother. She always will be and I always treasured everything she made for me, not just because she made them with love, but because they always fit. When I moved around, the sleeves, the seams, the stitching all followed me, making me feel completely free and weightless.

When we grow up, few things feel custom made for us—everything is created for the average person, which may not be a good fit for us.

Healthcare is one of those things. From confusing insurance, limited access to clinics, unempathetic doctors, and high copays, healthcare can feel clunky, frustrating, and unkind to women.

Today, too many Texas women lack access to the unique, comprehensive, support needed for healthy pregnancies and flourishing families. If you live in a rural area, you probably know how difficult it is to access quality women’s healthcare and resources. You may notice the community’s lack of healthcare infrastructure and virtual options that exist but are unaffordable and completely out of reach.

That’s why The Source created a virtual care center available to all Texas women, offering a broad array of support services completely free of charge.  

For decades, The Source has specialized in women’s healthcare and family support and is committed to reaching women where they are.

The care center is designed to provide care primarily for women who are pregnant or just had a baby and all services are free and can be accessed without insurance. We just ask that you show an ID at your appointment for verification.

Here are the services you can access via the virtual care center:

1. Material assistance related to pregnancy or young children
2. Virtual pregnancy and parenting classes
3. Professional counseling
4. Decision support counseling for pregnancy
5. Care coordination services, including public assistance program enrollment support

We invite you to take advantage of the resources and services available through the virtual care center. The process for getting connected to a care provider is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once you book an appointment, a staff member will reach out to schedule the appointment and collect some basic demographic information. We’ll use this information to create an Athena profile and we’ll give you access to your patient portal to review/sign any necessary disclosures and notices.

When the scheduled appointment time arrives, a staff member will call you or meet with you via Zoom to complete the rest of the intake process with them and get the appointment started. If you meet with us and determine that you need more or different care, we’ll refer you to one of our physical locations or to one of our trusted providers in communities across Texas we can refer you to. These partners have been vetted by The Source to ensure quality of service and missional alignment.

The care center is open Monday - Friday from 9:30a-12pm and 1pm-5:30pm. We encourage you to book an appointment soon to save your spot and get the healthcare you’ve been looking for.

Click the image below to book your virtual appointment today.

virtual clinic
Written by:
Davina Adcock

Davina is a native of Grenada and a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. She's a content specialist with a passion for empowering women to thrive and reach their full potential. In her free time, Davina is probably painting, reading, or baking something unnecessarily sweet.

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