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The Source: Houston - Spring Branch

8153 Long Point Rd. Houston, TX 77055
(713) 637-4141


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Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri

10 AM - 4 PM


10 AM - 6:30 PM


Pregnancy Tests

If you think you may be pregnant, we can help you know for sure with a free pregnancy test and/or free ultrasound.

STI/STD Testing & Treatment

Your sexual health matters. We can help you better understand your health with free tests to check for sexually transmitted infections.


Whether you’re confirming a pregnancy or coming for prenatal care, we offer free ultrasounds from licensed sonographers.


We provide informational classes to help you have a healthy pregnancy and/or learn good parenting skills.

Professional Counseling

We offer free professional counseling with trained and licensed LPC, LPC-i, and LCSW counselors. Everything you share is confidential.

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