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The Source: Houston - Texas Medical Center

10023 S. Main, C-8 Houston, TX 77025
(713) 780-0030


Welcome to The Source! Our mission is to support, care for, and equip women by providing high-quality, whole-person health services. We are glad you are here!

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Hours & Locations

June 4

9am - 3pm

June 6

9am - 2pm

June 11

9am - 3pm

June 13

9am - 3pm

June 17

9am - 1pm

June 18

9am - 3pm

June 20

9am - 3pm

June 25

9am - 3pm


Mon - Fri

9:00am - 5:00pm


Well Woman Exam

Exams include a full check-up, which helps to detect and treat any new or ongoing health problems and to help prevent future problems.


Whether you’re confirming a pregnancy or coming for prenatal care, we offer free ultrasounds from licensed sonographers.

Pregnancy Tests

If you think you may be pregnant, we can help you know for sure with a free pregnancy test and/or free ultrasound.

Professional Counseling

We offer free professional counseling with trained and licensed LPC, LPC-i, and LCSW counselors. Everything you share is confidential.

Options Counseling & Mentoring

Not sure what you want to do regarding your pregnancy? We will support you along this journey no matter what you choose.

Material Assistance

Moms and dads who participate in the parenting program earn points that can be cashed in to get items for their baby.

Medicaid Verification

If you are eligible for Medicaid assistance, our staff will help you with your application.


We provide informational classes to help you have a healthy pregnancy and/or learn good parenting skills.

STI Testing & Treatment

Your sexual health matters. We can help you better understand your health with free tests to check for sexually transmitted infections.

Friendly Neighborhood Staff

Maryann Bohelska

Nurse Practitioner

Desha Busby

Patient Advocate

Riley Thomas

Patient Advocate

Joeann Bannis


Angelica Pickworth

Interim Clinic Director

Amanda Martinez

Patient Advocate

Amaris Maldonado

Patient Advocate

Rose Ireri

Clinic Nurse

Idalis Hernandez

Front Office Administrator

Faith Harper


Monica Cobar

Case Manager
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