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10 Exercise Options That Aren’t Boring

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Even for the people who enjoy a regular run or bench press, working out can feel boring most days. So if you don't like exercise in general, 1) You’re definitely not alone and 2) You’re completely justified in feeling that exercise is monotonous. Most mainstream fitness options are hard to diversify. Many people start with running, going to the gym, or home fitness routines which can feel stale after just a few weeks.

Staying active is critical to maintaining a healthy body and mind, so we’ve collected 10 ways you can keep your exercise routine fun, fresh, and effective.

1. Rollerskating

Growing up, most of us spend weekends and birthday parties on inline and quad skates. Resurrect your skates to rediscover an old pastime that’s also a great fitness option. You can invite friends to join you or go on solo journeys through your neighborhood if you’re feeling especially adventurous. With the right music, no two roller skating experiences feel the same nor boring.

2. Download the Peloton Digital App

One of the main reasons exercise gets stale is because the options for fitness feel limited. The Peloton Digital app and others like it give users access to a wide range of options with new classes added on a regular basis. For instance, using this option, you’ll have access to strength training, running, yoga, and cycling classes, all to fun music that will make fitness feel like a party. Plus, the app costs only $13/monthly, much cheaper than a gym membership or a new pair of running shorts.

3. Local Dance or Zumba Class

Dance is an incredibly effective way to burn calories and become stronger. No matter the kind of dance, you’ll work muscles that aren’t used very often and get the opportunity to strengthen those muscles quickly. For many people, the best part of dance fitness is the community; you get to enjoy exercise among people who are often kind, encouraging, and will help push you. Classes like salsa and twerk can build stamina while you enjoy great music and vibes.

4. Join A Team Sport

Nothing like sportsmanship and teammates to shake up your exercise life. Many cities and communities have sports teams like softball or baseball, inviting people from the area to play together on a regular basis. If you played sports in school, this can be an especially enjoyable way to physically challenge yourself and meet new people in your community!

5. Bike Riding

Unlike stationary bikes, outdoor cycling can breath new life into a childhood activity. With the right bike, you can explore neighborhood trails, run errands, and even exercise with friends. Cycling is an excellent option because it’s free once you have the bike and safety gear and you can change up the scenery/route if things get stale.

6. Take Up Virtual Exercise

As virtual reality (VR) headsets are becoming more popular and the price is dropping, more and more people are able to buy and enjoy these devices. On VR headsets like the Oculus, users can access virtual workout classes that prompt physical activity like running in place and strength training. With VR, it can feel like you’re in an in-person exercise class, right from your living room and you’ll be able to easily switch to new classes and fitness opportunities without leaving your home.

7. Gym With A Buddy

According to the CDC, working out with a friend can motivate you, make you feel more adventurous, and help maintain consistency. A friend can bring good conversation, verbal motivation, and help put more skin in the game for your exercise routine. Often, you’ll show up because you don’t want to disappoint your friend or leave them stranded at a class. Find a buddy who already likes exercising and ask them to help keep you accountable and to join you periodically workout with you.

8. Do Challenges and Track Goals With Others

If you and a few friends are trying to work out more, try fitness tracking apps and challenges. Encourage each other to make for a certain amount of time each day and make it a competition. This will help you find creative ways to exercise and hopefully you’ll stumble on one you come to really enjoy. Plus, even if you’re not competitive, doing something with your friends is always more fun, even if you’re not doing it in the same time and place. Check in daily with your fitness group to track goals and offer encouragement.

9. Consider Rock Climbing and Bouldering

The great thing about rock climbing and bouldering is that you can easily see and track progress if you remain consistent. Most climbing gyms have a scale of routes from easiest to hardest so you can work your way up to the hardest routes. Seeing progress and finding new and innovative ways to climb routes can be incredibly motivating and keep the exercise feeling fresh. For many people, moving from bouldering to outdoor climbing can be fun and rewarding and there’s nothing like enjoying a good workout and nature at the same time.

10. Commit To Hiking

Hiking can feel invigorating or daunting depending on your experience with it! While some worry about safety on trailers, others worry about trails feeling monotonous or views not worth the hike. Try using the All Trails site to discover trailers close to your home. Using this site, you can learn about hike views, elevation, trail conditions, and even level of difficulty. Try hiking all nearby trails that match your specific fitness goals and level of experience. You’ll discover some natural wonders you never could in a gym, while keeping your workout routine new and engaging!

Enjoy your fitness journey, friends!

Written by:
Davina Adcock

Davina is a native of Grenada and a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. She's a content specialist with a passion for empowering women to thrive and reach their full potential. In her free time, Davina is probably painting, reading, or baking something unnecessarily sweet.

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