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10 Actually Fun Alternatives to Gender Reveal Parties


We’ve all seen the photos and videos on the internet—the ones where balloons are popped, confetti cascades, and blue or pink smoke drifts into the air. Announcing the gender of your baby has gone from simply making a call to your loved ones to a massive cultural trend. But what if the trend isn’t for you?

Whether you’re looking for something a little more simple or just plain different, here are ten alternatives to hosting a gender reveal party.

1. Create a Lasting Memory for Your Little One

Invite your friends and family over for an afternoon where their creativity can thrive—all while making keepsakes for you and your baby. Have pens and paper for guests to write letters with hopes and dreams or encouragements, art supplies for them to create a meaningful masterpiece, or polaroid cameras for them to capture their excitement. Then compile all the little memories in a book or box to show your child when they’re older. Encourage guests that skill level doesn’t matter—truly in this case, it’s the thought that counts!

2. Alphabet Party

Have guests dress up as a person or thing that starts with the first letter of the baby’s name! Expecting a Harper? Guests could dress up as a hippo, Her Majesty the Queen, a honey bee, or Harry Styles. Haven’t picked a name yet? Use the first letter of your last name instead!

3. Name Reveal

Speaking of names, why not host a name reveal! Instead of gathering loved ones to share the gender of your baby, get them together to introduce the name you’ve picked out for your little one. You could create a scavenger hunt for guests to put their sleuthing skills to use in deducing the name or play fun games that reveal each letter one by one!

4. Host a Book Club

Start building a library for your baby by inviting guests to bring their favorite book growing up! From Goodnight Moon to The Chronicles of Narnia, guests can pick an important piece of their childhood to share with your little one. Make it all the more special by having them sign the inside cover and leave a message! You could even encourage guests to dress up as their favorite characters!

5. Out of This World Party

We already know your kid is about to be the center of everyone’s universe, so why not celebrate it? Host an intergalactic party where guests can dress up as an astronaut or an alien and spend an afternoon shooting for the stars! Arrange for space-themed games to be played or have a table for guests to write down their grandest dreams for your baby.

6. Family Dinner

Who says a party needs a theme? Have all the people that mean the most to you over to share a meal and celebrate! Whether you want to show off your cooking skills, hire a caterer, or have guests bring a dish to share, this is a great way to gather all your loved ones for a meaningful time together. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire! Plan out a full plated meal or have guests bring their favorite meal they had growing up!

7. Battle of the Fandoms

Will your little one be a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? A lover of Star Wars or Star Trek? Marvel or DC? Host a party where, instead of picking what gender they think your baby will be, guests pick which fandom they think your baby will grow up to love!

8. Game Night

When in doubt, the classic game night can’t go wrong. Have guests bring over their favorite games from childhood and spend time playing them together! From Uno to Chutes and Ladders, Mancala to Guitar Hero, celebrate your little one’s arrival by taking a walk down memory lane.

9. Your Little Rockstar

Host a karaoke party where guests can dress up as their favorite musician to celebrate your little rockstar’s arrival! From the classics to the latest hits, get all your loved ones to let loose and have fun.

10. Do Nothing

You read that right. Instead of hosting anything, don’t. Instead of spending the money and time on an event, take a parenting class, carve out some time for yourself, or plan a day for you and your partner to spend intentional time together. Give yourself the freedom to say no to having a party if it’s not what you want!

Written by:
Erin DeGeer

Erin’s a native Oklahoman and second-generation graduate of the University of Arkansas. She’s a content creator with an undying love for the Oxford comma and a passion for creating beautiful things that inspire. When not hunched over her computer’s keyboard, Erin is most likely curled up with a good book, regretting the life choices that landed her in a cycling class, or constantly checking real estate apps for fun.

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