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10 Podcasts Every First-Time Parent Should Listen To


Whether your baby was unplanned or you’ve been trying for a long time, congratulations! You’re about to be a parent! In reality, pregnancy and parenting can be challenging but also full of blessings and joy. But without the right information, it’s easy to develop unrealistic expectations about how easy or how difficult this season of life will be.

While each first-time parent will have a different experience, learning from medical professionals, social scientists, and seasoned moms and dads is one of the best ways to set yourself up for a healthy pregnancy and successful parenting.

That’s why we’ve searched high and low for the top podcasts to help you better understand your pregnancy and navigate the ups and downs of parenting.

Pregnancy and Birth Podcasts

Pregnancy Podcast

Host: Vanessa Merten
Number of Episodes: 300 and counting

The Pregnancy Podcast is a top-rated podcast and has been bringing evidence-based information to new and expecting parents for years. In so many ways, this show is a one-stop-shop for answering the biggest questions you have about pregnancy, prenatal care, labor and delivery, postpartum care, and so much more.

Vanessa and her guests will walk with you step-by-step from conception through caring for a newborn. Many of the topics covered are very specific, meaning that you’ll be able to go directly to an episode that answers the question on your mind. Just a few of the particular subjects discussed (among so many others) include:

* Morning sickness
* Labor positions and forms of delivery
* Important prenatal exams and vitamins
* Traveling while pregnant
* Body image during and after pregnancy
* Exercising after delivery
* Nutrition during pregnancy
* Birth plans
* Navigating the healthcare system

The host treats every subject as if it is brand new for the listener, so there is absolutely no reason to be intimidated if you’re coming in with little (or no) background knowledge. The podcast’s library is FULL of helpful topics, and because episodes are typically only 20-30 minutes long, it’s easy to start and finish an entire session while making dinner.

The Birth Hour

Host: Bryn Huntpalmer
Number of Episodes: 97 and counting

Listeners can expect to laugh, cry, and draw inspiration from women sharing some of the most personal moments of their lives in The Birth Hour podcast. This show couples evidence-based information with powerful storytelling to help new parents gain a deeper understanding of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Though these stories may not look like your own, they can help you gain insight into the emotions many women experience as they carry a child and bring him/her into the world. The range of childbirth testimonies is extensive—from teen mothers to women giving birth in the midst of relational turmoil.

The host, Bryn, regularly sets aside time to answer questions submitted by current and future moms. Over the course of nearly 100 episodes, she has addressed topics like infertility, miscarriages, labor and delivery, and child management. Episodes are usually 30-50 minutes long, but you’ll be hooked the entire time.

Pregnancy Confidential

Hosts: Dana Points
Number of Episodes: 32

While most pregnancy podcasts are topic-based, Pregnancy Confidential actually walks with you through every week of your pregnancy (beginning in Week 9). This show walks listeners through the physical, emotional and/or lifestyle markers women can expect to experience each week in a friendly, fun, and conversational way. Pregnancy Confidential is lighter on the research but dives deep into the conversations, feelings, and choices women often have at each stage of the process.

Most episodes are 10-20 minutes long and great to listen to when you need a podcast with a little more energy. Dana and her guests will help you navigate a variety of situations and decisions, including talking to your boss about your pregnancy, sharing the news with family members, planning a gender reveal party (if you have one), and deciding where you’ll have your baby.

The team also addresses many of the thoughts you’ll probably have swirling around in your head around body image, baby names, delivery, sex after childbirth, and your relationship with the father. By the time you’re ready to deliver, you’ll feel like you’re friends with the team at Pregnancy Confidential!


Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

Host: Janet Lansbury
Number of Episodes: 199 and counting

It’s safe to say Janet is a natural in the parenting space. She’s a parenting adviser, author, and consultant with millions of website visitors annually. She’s the author of two books on parenting and childcare and has dedicated nearly 200 podcast episodes to addressing listeners’ parenting issues using her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Janet is able to break down complicated concepts and dynamics in simple terms in a conversational way. While there really aren’t any panel-style conversations in this show, the manner in which Janet discusses topics will make it feel like she’s sitting right next to you. The podcast library is extensive and consists of short talks on a host of subjects related to parenting. Over the last several years, Janet has helped listeners better interact with and discipline their kids, help their children better learn and play at home, and deal with tension in marriage caused by kids.

New mothers with “difficult” kids (those struggling to regulate their emotions or prone to lying and stealing) will find her information and advice particularly helpful. After following Janet for some time, you’ll have a much better understanding of child development, family dynamics, and the strategies you’ll need for everyone in your home to thrive.

Best of Both Worlds Podcast

Hosts: Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger
Number of Episodes: 142 and counting

The Best of Both Worlds Podcast is pretty straightforward – the hosts want to help you thrive as both a mother and a professional! Women—particularly single moms—are all too often crushed by the burden of unreasonable expectations. How can single women with kids flourish in every aspect of life? Laura (an author and mom of four) and Sarah (a practicing physician and mom of two) have put their heads together to help moms do just that.

When you listen in, you can expect to hear about work/life balance, career development, parenting, time management, productivity, and making time for fun. While significant time is devoted to parenting, the duo is also passionate about showing you how you can move up in the workplace while raising a family well. Other topics you may run into include:

* Finances
* Maternity leave
* Postpartum health
* Barriers women experience in the workplace
* Meal planning and cooking
* Dealing with stress and low moods
* Evening routines and logistics with kids
* Children’s activities and travel
* Women’s health

Though this isn’t necessarily a podcast exclusively for new parents, there’s no doubt that you’ll find much of the content helpful as you begin to reevaluate life priorities and find your new normal.

The Boob Group

Host: Independent Podcast Network
Number of Episodes: 182 and counting

This podcast only covers one topic—breastfeeding— but do they cover it well!

While other podcasts on pregnancy and parenting talk about breastfeeding and pumping to some extent, this one is going to approach the topic from just about every angle you can think of. This is also one of the few shows on this list hosted by a group of moms every week, which adds a really neat dynamic to the conversation.

Though each episode will cover a different topic, you can always expect the panel to openly discuss their successes, their struggles, and how they believe social norms and systems shape the way the world thinks about and reacts to breastfeeding. The dialogue is more informal than the Pregnancy Podcast, so prepare to learn in a slightly different way.

The Boob Group will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about (and probably some things you NEVER wanted to know about) your breasts and how they work. You’ll find episodes on how to pump, how and how often to breastfeed, the foods you’ll need to produce healthy breast milk, common breastfeeding expectations, and the baby-wearing garments (e.g., slings, wraps, etc.) that make breastfeeding as easy as possible. The moms even address more serious issues like the effects of sexual abuse, surgery, and C-sections on the breastfeeding experience.

This podcast deep dives, but you’ll be that much more prepared to care for your newborn well.

Mom to Mom Podcast

Hosts: Kate Battistelli, September McCarthy, Jamie Erickson
Number of Episodes: 34 and counting

The three women that host this podcast represent three generations of moms that have experienced nearly every season of motherhood— – from dealing with a newborn to seeing their adult children raise families of their own. All three individuals are Christians as well, which profoundly shapes the way they navigate family dynamics, parent their children, and deal with suffering and hardship. Even if you don’t subscribe to the Christian faith, there is incredible insight to be gleaned from their conversations.

Unlike most of the other parenting podcasts out there, Kate, September, and Jamie spend a lot of time talking about things like motherhood anxiety, infant loss and miscarriage, character development in children, and comparing your family to other families. In addition to their unique perspective on these topics, you’ll also hear more from them about:

* How to school your children from home
* Best practices for working moms trying to raise a family
* Navigating holidays and travel with kids
* Extended family involvement
* Helping kids navigate friendships
* Nutrition and meal planning
* Building a family that is responsible with digital tools and social media
* Self-care for moms

Most episodes are between 30-45 minutes, so this is a great listen to put in while you’re doing the dishes or multitasking on a different project. With an Apple Podcast rating of 4.9 stars, this isn’t one you’re going to want to miss.

Mighty Mommy

Host: Cheryl Butler
Number of Episodes: 300 episodes and counting

The Mighty Mommy podcast is produced by an organization called Quick and Dirty Tips, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Each episode is only about 15 minutes long, and Cheryl dives straight into the subject at hand every time. Though she is really friendly and lighthearted, there isn’t going to be a lot of banter between friends or trailing stories.

Instead, Cheryl, a mom of eight kids, tackles issues like baby colic, toddler tantrums, family routines, and socio-emotional development head on. Most of the content you’re going to get is extremely practical and can usually be put into practice immediately. From helping kids navigate failure and loneliness to night terrors and bedwetting, be prepared to take some mental notes for later!


Solo Parent Society

Host: Robert Beeson
Number of Episodes: 110 episodes and counting

If you’re a single mom, this podcast is a great place to start. Not only will you get some of the same “practical” advice shared on other podcasts but deep, meaningful discussion about the hurt, loneliness, grief, and fears you’re likely experiencing.

Robert Beeson, the founder of The Solo Parent Society Podcast, regularly brings on experts and professionals to “help single parents raise healthy kids, and grow themselves through conversations with other parents who have walked, or are still walking the Solo Parent path” so they can experience “whole-heart wellness.” Though many examples used in the show are about parents made single by divorce, the content is just as relevant to single parents in other contexts as well.

In addition to episodes covering those “practical” topics like co-parenting with the father or exercising positive discipline with kids, Robert and his guests explore a number of other subjects such as:

* Dealing with betrayal
* Navigating anger and loneliness as a single parent
* Recovering from partner abuse
* Finding forgiveness and processing guilt and shame
* Handling accusations made about you
* Dating as a single parent

Most episodes are 30-45 minutes long and pretty deep, so try to set aside some undistracted time to sit with the host and process your thoughts and feelings.

Risen Motherhood

Host: Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler
Number of Episodes: 163 episodes and counting

Mothering is NOT easy— – there are certainly costs to be counted and seasons of frustration, sadness, and loneliness to be anticipated. But this doesn’t have to be the full story. Becoming a mother also means bringing new life into the world and raising children with meaning and purpose. This podcast is a great resource for you if you’re trying to better understand how you fit into the bigger picture and why your work as a mom and woman matters.

Emily and Laura are Christians, but they’ll discuss topics likely to affect every mother at some point in time, including insecurities, discouragement, loneliness, suffering, and depression. If you’re a Christian yourself, the duo will also help you continue to pursue Jesus well even with a young child in tow. Though motherhood is full of trials, Emily and Laura will talk about resting well, caring for children with special needs, redeeming the day after difficult challenges, and building the friendships you’ll need as a young mother. Most episodes are 20-30 minutes long, but the content is so rich the time will fly by.

Maybe you’re pregnant for the first time and anxious about what is to come. Maybe you’re a new parent and have no clue how to help another human being become a functioning, capable, and compassionate adult. Maybe you’re not pregnant yet but are just trying to learn more about what that life is about! Regardless of the bucket you find yourself in, putting in some headphones and starting one of these podcasts is a great place to start your journey.

And if you’re one of the millions of women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy, we know that a few great podcasts won’t give you the in-depth support you need. The Source is a women’s health clinic designed with you in mind. Our medical professionals and clinical licensed counselors are all available to walk you through this season of life.

We have a number of free services, like free pregnancy tests, STI tests, and ultrasounds. Click the button below to book a free, 30-minute appointment with us today!

Written by:
Garrett Clawson

Garrett Clawson is the Resource Development Writer for the Austin Stone Institute. He earned his master’s degree in public affairs from The University of Texas at Austin and his bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Sociology from Louisiana State University. Garrett is passionate about helping nonprofits leverage stories and data to catalyze social change through research, writing, and grant development.

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